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What are the reasons that affect the actual displacement of the screw compressor?

55KW Screw Air Compressor Automotive Industry

There are several factors that can affect the actual displacement of a screw compressor, including:

1.Temperature: The actual displacement of a screw compressor can be affected by changes in temperature. As the temperature increases, the density of the gas being compressed decreases, which can reduce the compressor’s displacement.

2.Pressure: Changes in the suction and discharge pressures of the compressor can also affect its displacement. Higher suction pressure can increase the compressor’s displacement, while higher discharge pressure can decrease it.

3.Clearance volume: The clearance volume is the volume between the rotors and the compressor casing. A larger clearance volume can reduce the compressor’s displacement, while a smaller volume can increase it.

4.Wear and tear: Over time, wear and tear on the compressor’s rotors and casing can lead to a decrease in its displacement.

5.Design factors: The design of the compressor can also affect its displacement. For example, the shape and size of the rotors, the number of rotor lobes, and the spacing between them can all impact the compressor’s displacement.

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