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Advantages and disadvantages of piston|centrifugal|screw air compressor

Piston air compressor


1. The applicable pressure range is wide, regardless of the flow rate, it can reach the required pressure;

2. High thermal efficiency and low unit power consumption;

3. Strong adaptability, able to adapt to a wider pressure range and cooling capacity requirements;

4. The device system is relatively simple and maintainable;

5. The requirements for materials are low, and ordinary steel materials are mostly used, which is easier to process and lower in cost;

6. The technology is relatively mature, and rich experience has been accumulated in production and use.


1. The speed is not high, and the machine is large and heavy;

2. There are many wearing parts and a large amount of maintenance;

3. The exhaust is discontinuous, resulting in air flow pulsation;

4. There is a large vibration during operation.

Centrifugal air compressor


1. The exhaust volume is large, the exhaust is uniform, and the airflow has no pulse;

2. High speed;

3. Good sealing effect and less leakage;

4. It has a flat performance curve and a wide operating range;

5. Few wearing parts, less maintenance, long operation period;

6. It is easy to realize automation and large-scale.


1. The adaptability of the operation is poor, and the nature of the gas has a great influence on the operation performance;

2. The air speed is high, and the parts in the flow channel have a large friction loss;

3. There is a surge phenomenon, which is more harmful to the machine.

Screw Compressors


1. Fewer components, less wearing parts, high reliability;

2. Easy operation and maintenance;

3. There is no unbalanced inertial force, the operation is stable and safe, and the vibration is small;

4. It has the characteristics of forced gas transmission, the exhaust volume is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and has strong adaptability to working conditions;

5. There is a gap on the tooth surface of the rotor, which is not sensitive to the wet stroke and can withstand liquid shock;

6. The exhaust temperature is low, and it can operate under the condition of higher pressure ratio;

7. The flow is steplessly adjusted to save operating costs.


1. There are high requirements for machining accuracy of body parts;

2. Since the volume between the teeth is periodically connected with the suction and exhaust ports, the noise of the compressor is high;

3. It can only be used in medium and low pressure ranges, and cannot be used in high pressure occasions;

4. The oil treatment system is complex, so there are many auxiliary equipment for the unit;

5. Relying on the gap to seal the gas, it does not have superior performance in the small volume range.


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