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The air compressor suddenly fails to start



Reasons why the screw air compressor cannot start and countermeasures:


  1. The voltage is too high and cannot start
  • The screw air compressor unit is equipped with a voltage protection device. Generally, the equipment automatically starts at low voltage and automatically stops at high voltage, which is a normal phenomenon. Everything related to pressure is automatically controlled by a pressure switch or a pressure sensor. Therefore, if there is a pressure problem in the machine, it is generally only necessary to adjust the pressure of the air compressor, adjust the action range of the pressure switch and the starting pressure set on the sensor. The pressure switch has RANGE and DIFFE. Just adjust RANGE according to the production needs of the enterprise, and DIFFE generally does not move. Just adjust the start-stop pressure value set by the pressure sensor. You can find the pressure setting option on the air compressor panel for adjustment.


  1. The voltage is too low
  • This is a problem that many users are prone to, and the harm is often greater. If the enterprise uses a power frequency air compressor, the voltage can only be changed by adjusting the transformer. For example, if the grid voltage is only 360V, then the transformer needs to be replaced when the voltage is changed from 380V to 220V. However, the cost of replacing the transformer for the motor is often high, so it is recommended Consult the manufacturer if the motor can withstand it, and then decide on the follow-up method.
  • If it is an inverter air compressor, there are more solutions. For frequency conversion models, due to the internal circuit principle of the frequency converter: the frequency converter realizes the change of output power by changing the output voltage, but this voltage cannot be higher than the input voltage. If the input voltage is only 360V, then a machine with a rated voltage of 380V can only output 360V. If the voltage is not enough, the inverter will increase the current. In fact, as long as the current is not too large, it can also be used. If the current is too large, the upper limit frequency can also be lowered to ensure the normal operation of the machine.



Faults are inevitable during the use of screw air compressors. Only by mastering the basic fault handling methods can the normal operation of the unit be ensured.


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