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Air compressor case inspection

Water Cooled Screw Air Compressor

The air compressor chassis is an important part of the air compressor, and it also undertakes the role of ventilation and circulation cooling, so the inspection and maintenance of the chassis is also very important.

>>>Periodic inspection<<<

(1) In shutdown state, open the plexiglass window of the chassis.

(2) Check whether the balance iron pin is firm.

(3) Check the surface finish of internal parts for wear and lack of flesh.

(4) Use a wrench to pry the link parts between the balance irons to see if they are loose or eccentric.

(5) Focus on the rotating parts with a flashlight to see whether the gap is uniform, whether there is wear and ellipse.

(6) Check the screws to see if they are loose.

(7) Clean the lubricator system in the chassis at the same time.

(8) After the inspection, install the plexiglass window of the chassis.

(9) Each inspection must be recorded in a form, filled in item by item, once every three months, and more than two maintenance personnel must sign on the inspection form for confirmation.

>>>Inside and outside inspection of the casing<<<

Check for cracks and perform flaw detection if necessary.

>>>Operator Training<<<

In addition to regular training, interactive links are added, and everyone communicates with problems found during operation, learns from each other, and continuously improves.

>>>Installation Responsibility System<<<

In the process of major and medium repairs, the installation quality supervision and maintenance quality responsibility system are carried out. Who installed each component not only inspected, but also recorded on the record. During the operation, once problems with the installation quality are found, they can be found in time. responsible and help to find the cause.

>>>Observation with air volume<<<

Observe the law of wind usage during operation, pay attention to pressure changes when wind usage is peak and when wind usage is low, especially pay close attention to instantaneous high pressure phenomena, and prevent equipment fatigue from increasing due to high pressure. The chassis accident caused by the loosening of the fasteners caused by this phenomenon continues to occur.

>>>Vulnerable Parts Repair<<<

All kinds of wearing parts should be repaired or replaced regularly, and they should be found and dealt with in time to avoid running with diseases.


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