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Air compressor drying equipment – advantages and disadvantages of freeze dryer and suction dryer

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Freeze dryer and adsorption dryer are both drying equipment, why is there such a big difference?

1. Advantages and disadvantages of cold dryer

Full name: Freeze Dryer


a. There is no compressed air consumption, and most users do not have very high requirements for the dew point of compressed air. Using a cold dryer saves energy compared to using an adsorption dryer;

b. There is no need to add or replace the adsorbent regularly;

c. The operation noise is low; the suction dryer has the noise of depressurization of the adsorption tower, and in the air compressor room, the operation noise of the cold dryer is generally not heard;

d. No wear of valve parts;

e. The daily maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the automatic drain filter is cleaned on time;

f. There are no special requirements for the pre-treatment of the air source and the supporting air compressor, and the general oil-water separator can meet the air quality requirements of the cold dryer;

g. The cold dryer has a “self-cleaning” effect on the exhaust, that is, the solid impurity content in the exhaust gas is less;

h. While discharging the condensed water, part of the oil vapor can also be condensed into liquid oil mist and discharged along with the condensed water.


The effective air supply volume of the freeze dryer can reach 100%. However, due to the restriction of the working principle, the dew point of the air supply of the freeze dryer can only reach about 3°C (pressure dew point), and it is affected by the intake air temperature. It is very large. For every 5°C increase in the intake air temperature, the cooling efficiency will drop by 30%, and the dew point of the supply air will increase significantly, which is greatly affected by the ambient temperature.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of drying machine

Full name: adsorption dryer


a. Compressed air dew point can reach -70℃;

b. Not affected by ambient temperature;

c. There are many filtering effects and filtering impurities.


a. Compressed air consumption is 6%;

b. It is necessary to add and replace the adsorbent regularly;

c. The operating noise is 65 decibels.

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