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Air compressor finds air leakage solution—Shared by Sollant

tank mounted compressor

Air compressors may leak air as the usage time increases. Many customers will feel anxious when encountering air compressor leaks, worrying whether it will affect their own production and manufacturing.

First of all, we must properly operate and use the air compressor, not only for the normal operation of the factory and to protect the interests of the company, but also for its own safety considerations. The negligence of the air compressor machine is likely to cause safety risks, and the actual operating guidelines need to be strictly implemented.

The main reasons for air compressor leakage:

  1. Seal aging or damage:

The seals in the air compressor, such as O-rings, sealing gaskets, etc., may be aged, worn or damaged under the influence of high temperature, high pressure and other factors after long-term use, resulting in gas leakage.

screw driven air compressor

  1. Loose connectors:

Connections in the gas system, such as joints, threads, flanges, etc., can cause gas leakage if they are not properly installed or tightened. This may be due to reasons such as loose installation, vibration, or wear and tear during equipment operation.

  1. Valve problem:

If the valve of the air compressor cannot be completely closed or the seal is not good, it will cause gas leakage. This can be caused by malfunctioning, worn or loose valves themselves.

  1. Gas system fouling:

Dirt, dust, oil, etc. buildup in the gas system can cause a poor or clogged seal, causing gas leaks.

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  1. Equipment damage or wear:

The internal parts of the air compressor, such as compression screw, cylinder, etc., may cause gas leakage if they are damaged or severely worn. This can be due to equipment aging, prolonged use, or abnormal operating conditions.

  1. Wrong installation or maintenance:

Improper installation or maintenance practices can lead to leaks in the gas system, causing gas leaks. This includes wrong installation location, improper tightening force, wrong seal selection or improper repair method, etc.

  1. Other factors:

Other factors such as equipment design defects, material quality problems, temperature and pressure changes, etc. may also cause air compressor leakage.

best screw compressor

The treatment method of air leakage of fixed screw air compressor:

  1. Connect the device and assemble it properly.

Air compressor air leakage generally occurs in the middle of the pipeline and the connection between the pipeline and the machine. Therefore, the selection of high-quality pipeline accessories, connecting equipment, plastic hoses and pipelines is the prerequisite for reducing air compression leakage. At the same time, proper assembly plays an important role in preventing air compressor leakage.

  1. Perform blood pressure lowering operations as much as possible to stabilize air supply pressure

In the same pipeline environment as the air compressor, reducing the pressure of the system software can significantly reduce the chance of air compressor leakage, which plays a vital role in the environmental protection and energy saving of the filter separator. Stabilizing the air supply pressure of the system can ensure the normal operation of the wind speed machine. Reducing and stabilizing the supply pressure of the system can also reduce energy consumption on the premise of ensuring the smooth production of the system. Not under the action of the voltage regulator tube of the voltage regulator device, it is convenient to meet the comprehensive blood pressure lowering operation. Due to the large amount of leakage, the system has to increase the air supply pressure to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Improving the tightness of the pipeline network is an important prerequisite for blood pressure operation.

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