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Installation and commissioning of screw air compressor

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The installation of air compressors should comply with relevant local laws and regulations, and strictly abide by the following regulations:


  1. The air compressor should be hoisted by lifting equipment with a load-bearing capacity greater than that of the unit, and the hoisting speed should be within the permitted range.


  1. Try to install the air compressor in a cool, clean and well-ventilated place to ensure that the air inhaled by the air compressor is clean and has low moisture content.


  1. The air inhaled by the air compressor is not allowed to contain combustible gas and corrosive gas, so as not to cause explosion and internal corrosion.


  1. The air-cooled machine should have an exhaust fan or an air duct to guide the hot air out of the room to prevent the hot air from circulating to the air inlet.


  1. The discharge of sewage and waste oil from air compressors should be regulated.


  1. Guide the power supply line of the air compressor to match its power and install air switches, fuses and other devices. In order to ensure the normal use of electrical equipment, it must be grounded. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the pipeline laying before starting the machine, check the valve opening status of the pipeline system, and close the vent valve. Some air compressors with post-processing devices sometimes require post-processing manufacturers to operate on site. After the inspection is correct, the equipment can be operated.



The following points should be paid attention to during debugging and running:


  1. New machine debugging shall be carried out by the debugging personnel designated or approved by the company.


  1. Before starting the machine, confirm that there is no one in the unit, and check whether there are items and tools forgotten due to maintenance, and close the door of the unit; when starting up, notify the people around the unit to pay attention to safety.


  1. During trial operation, strictly check the running direction of the air compressor. If it is reversed, stop it immediately, otherwise the air compressor will be damaged (pay attention to each factory power inspection!)


  1. The air compressor cannot work under the exhaust pressure specified on the nameplate, otherwise the motor will be overloaded and burn out.


  1. When the air compressor is under remote control, the machine may start at any time, and it should be listed as a reminder.


  1. When the screw air compressor fails, do not start it forcibly. At this time, the power supply should be cut off and marked clearly.


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