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Important time for screw air compressor maintenance

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After a newly purchased screw air compressor has been used for a period of time, it needs to be routinely maintained. The maintenance is divided into minor maintenance and major maintenance. Minor maintenance only needs to replace the air compressor oil and oil filter. 500 hours for replacement; for major maintenance, in addition to replacing these two types, the air compressor air filter element, oil-gas separator core, motor grease, etc. should also be replaced. If the environment is very dirty, such as a lot of dust, the time should be appropriately shortened.

Five maintenance times for screw air compressors

1. Run for 500 hours

1) Change the oil filter element for the first time after the new machine is used.

2) Remove the air filter and clean it, and blow it with low-pressure compressed air below 0.2Mpa from the inside to the outside.

3) Replace the lubricating oil.

2. Run for 1000 hours

1) Check the action of the intake valve, railings and moving parts, and add grease.

2) Clean the air filter.

3) Check the oil filter element or replace it.

3. Run for 2000 hours or 6 months: whichever comes first

1) Check all pipelines.

2) Replace the lubricating oil and clean the grease.

3) Check the oil sight glass and remove it for cleaning.

4. Run for 3000 hours or one year

1) Clean the intake valve and vent valve.

2) Check the three-way solenoid valve.

3) Check whether the oil and gas separator is blocked

4) Check the pressure maintenance valve

5) Clean the cooler and replace the O-ring

6) Replace air filter element, oil filter element

7) Fill the motor with grease

8) Check the action of the starter

9) Check whether the protection differential pressure switches operate normally

5. Every 20,000 hours or 4 years

1) Replace the collective bearing and oil seal, and adjust the clearance.

2) Measure the insulation of the motor, it should be above 1MΩ

Air compressor maintenance is to make the machine run better and in the best condition. Just like car maintenance, if the maintenance is good, the failure rate of the machine will be greatly reduced, which not only saves time and effort caused by frequent maintenance, but also prolongs the service life of the air compressor.


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