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How to run the screw air compressor without load?

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Inspection method of no-load operation of screw air compressor:


  1. Remove the intake pipe in the screw air compressor, and remove the suction valve and exhaust valve at the same time.


  1. Open the main water inlet valve, adjust the flow of each cooling branch pipe, and observe whether the water flow of each waterway is smooth through the water sight, and check whether the indicating instruments are normal.


  1. Start the auxiliary oil pump of the thin oil station, and adjust the pressure to meet the specified requirements.


  1. Turn the crank of the air compressor several times to confirm that there are no abnormal noises and looseness of the moving parts.


  1. Start the motor instantly, and check whether the crankshaft of the air compressor is turning correctly. Check the condition of each part of the air compressor after stopping. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, a second start can be performed.


  1. Run for 5 minutes after the second start, check whether there are overheating and abnormal vibration of each component, and find out the cause after stopping the machine if any problem is found, and eliminate it in time.


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