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Air compressor oil season maintenance skills

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Inverter air compressor, screw air compressor lubrication system refueling, oil change method:

1. Lubrication and refueling. During the use of the air compressor, check the amount of lubricating oil frequently. When the oil level is found to be too low, the lubricating oil should be replenished in time.

The method of lubricating oil injection is as follows: Stop the air compressor, wait for the internal pressure to be released, and then pull down the main power switch after confirming that there is no pressure in the system. Open the filler port on the oil and gas separation tank, and add an appropriate amount of cooling lubricating oil. When refueling, pay attention to the amount of oil, and the oil level should be kept between the minimum and maximum oil levels, neither too much nor too little. Too much oil will affect the separation effect, and less oil will affect the lubrication and cooling performance of the equipment.

2. Replace lubricating oil. With the operation of the air compressor, the composition of the lubricating oil will gradually change a little bit, and at the same time, some impurities will enter, so the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly. The replacement time of air compressor lubricating oil depends on the use environment, humidity, dust and whether there is acid and alkali gas in the air. Newly purchased air compressors must be replaced with new oil after 500 hours of operation, and then replaced every 2000 hours according to the normal oil change cycle, and air compressors with annual operation of less than 2000 hours should be replaced once a year.

3. Replace the oil filter. When changing the oil, replace the oil filter at the same time. As the composition of the lubricating oil changes, the filter element can also become clogged. When the pressure exceeds the limit of the bypass valve, the bypass valve will automatically open, and a large amount of dirt and particles will directly enter the main engine of the compression chamber with the oil, causing serious consequences. Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of the lubricating oil filter is consistent with the replacement cycle of the lubricating oil. However, it is used in places with harsh environments to shorten the replacement cycle. The filter replacement steps are: Start the air compressor and run it for about 5 minutes, so that the temperature of the lubricating oil rises above 50°C, and the viscosity of the lubricating oil drops at this time. Stop the operation of the air compressor, and wait for the internal pressure to drop. When the pressure in the oil and gas barrel is very small, connect the oil receiving device and open the oil release valve. The oil drain valve should be opened slowly to prevent the lubricating oil under pressure and temperature from splashing and hurting people and dirt. After the lubricating oil is basically exhausted, close the oil drain valve after it forms a drop. Use a wrench to reverse the oil filter element, remove the oil filter element, and drain the lubricating oil in each pipeline at the same time. Replace with a new oil filter element and screw back the oil filter seat. Open the screw plug of the oil filler, inject new oil, make the oil level within the range of the oil scale, tighten the screw plug of the filler, and check for leakage.

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