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Air Compressor Operating Instructions

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1. Before operating the air compressor, you should pay attention to the following issues:

(1) Keep the lubricating oil in the oil pool within the range of the scale. Before operating the air compressor, check that the oil volume in the lubricator should not be lower than the scale line value.

(2) Check whether the moving parts are flexible, whether the connecting parts are tight, whether the lubrication system is normal, whether the motor and electrical control equipment are safe and reliable.

(3) Before operating the air compressor, check whether the protective devices and safety accessories are intact.

(4) Check whether the exhaust pipe is unblocked.

(5) Connect the water source and open the water inlet valves to make the cooling water unblocked.

37KwRotaryScrewAirCompressor50hpVariableSpeedScrew CompressorSollantCompressorSollantMachineryIndustrialAirCompressorSupplier

2. When operating the air compressor, it should be noted that before starting for the first time after a long period of inactivity, it must be cranked to check whether there is any impact, jamming or abnormal noise.

3. The machine must be started under no-load condition. After the no-load operation is normal, the air compressor will gradually enter into the load operation.

4. When the air compressor is in operation, after normal operation, you should always pay attention to the readings of various instruments and adjust them at any time.

37KwRotaryScrewAirCompressor50hpVariableSpeedScrew CompressorSollantCompressorSollantMachineryIndustrialAirCompressorSupplier

5. During the operation of the air compressor, the following conditions should also be checked:

(1) Whether the temperature of the motor is normal, and whether the readings of the ammeters are within the specified range.

(2) Whether the operating sound of each machine is normal.

(3) Whether the suction valve cover is hot, and whether the sound of the valve is normal.

(4) Whether the various safety protection equipment of the air compressor is reliable.

6. After the air compressor is operated for 2 hours, the oil and water in the oil-water separator, intercooler and aftercooler must be discharged once, and the oil and water in the air storage barrel should be discharged once every shift.

37KwRotaryScrewAirCompressor50hpVariableSpeedScrew CompressorSollantCompressorSollantMachineryIndustrialAirCompressorSupplier

7. When the following conditions are found during the operation of the air compressor, stop the machine immediately, find out the cause, and eliminate it.

(1) The lubricating oil is cut off or the cooling water is cut off.

(2) The water temperature suddenly rises or falls.

(3) The exhaust pressure suddenly rises and the safety valve fails.

(4) The load suddenly exceeds the normal value.

(5) Abnormal mechanical noise.

(6) There is an abnormality in the motor or electrical equipment.

8. After the air compressor is operated, close the cooling water inlet valve after parking.

9. If the machine stops due to power failure, the motor should be restored to the starting position to prevent accidents caused by the failure of the starting controller when the power supply is restored.

37KwRotaryScrewAirCompressor50hpVariableSpeedScrew CompressorSollantCompressorSollantMachineryIndustrialAirCompressorSupplier

10. The operation of the motor part of the air compressor must be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the motor.

11. The operating power part of the air compressor must comply with the relevant regulations of the internal combustion engine.

12. When the air compressor is operated and stopped for more than 10 days, sufficient lubricating oil should be injected into each friction surface.

When parking for more than one month for long-term storage, in addition to releasing oil and water everywhere, removing all intake and exhaust valves and blowing them clean, the mirror surface of the cylinder, the top surface of the piston, the surface of the crankshaft and all non-fitting surfaces should be cleaned, and oil seals should be carried out. After the oil is sealed, cover it with a cover to prevent moisture and dust from entering.

37KwRotaryScrewAirCompressor50hpVariableSpeedScrew CompressorSollantCompressorSollantMachineryIndustrialAirCompressorSupplier

13. Before each towing of the mobile air compressor, carefully check whether the running device is intact and fastened. The towing speed generally does not exceed 20 km/h.

14. When the air compressor is in operation, the safety accessories such as air storage cylinder, safety valve and pressure gauge must meet the requirements of the Ministry of Railways for the safety technology of compressed air storage cylinders.

15. The air filter of the air compressor must be cleaned frequently and kept unblocked to reduce unnecessary power loss.

16. When the air compressor operates sandblasting and rust removal and other dusty work, the machine should be kept at a certain distance from the sandblasting site, and corresponding dust prevention measures should be taken.

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