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Suggestions on Waterproofing Air Compressors in Humid Weather

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If there is too much moisture in the air, it will have the following effects on the air compressor:

1. Affect the volumetric efficiency of air;

2. Moisture in the air narrows the air compression path, thereby increasing the resistance of the air flow process;

3. Wet air should be less than the weight of dry air of the same volume. When the compressed air passes through the cooler air storage tank and pipeline, most of the water vapor is condensed, so the production capacity calculated by weight will decrease;

4. The moisture in the air is highly corrosive because it contains metal ions and other anions and cations, which makes the spare parts and pneumatic machinery in the air compressor easy to rust and shortens its service life;

5. After the moisture in the air is mixed with the lubricating oil during the compression process, it will reduce the lubricating efficiency and increase the wear of the parts (such as the rotor). It will not only cause poor sealing in the packing for rubber circulation lubrication, but also cause the lubricating oil to deteriorate;

6. It is not conducive to the compression of the machine, so that some spare parts in the air compressor and the pneumatic machinery are subjected to the impact of water. If the cylinder and cooler store excessive water, it will also cause damage to the spare parts in the air compressor;

7. When there is moisture in the air supply system, if the temperature is lower than zero degrees Celsius, the moisture will freeze on the inner wall of the air duct, which will also reduce the diameter of the pipe. What’s worse is that sometimes it even causes individual pipelines to completely freeze, hindering the work of individual sections. Therefore, the quality of compressed air depends not only on its pressure, but also on its humidity.

【Waterproof suggestion】

1. Check the dryer

A dryer is a great way to remove moisture from the air, and the filter is an inseparable part. Like compressors, dryers are subject to changes in temperature and humidity. As the seasons change and warmer days arrive, take some time to check your dryer (and air receiver) to make sure it’s running at peak performance.

2. Keep drainage smooth

Once moisture has been removed from the air, it must be expelled from the system. A drain line with an electric valve is the best way to ensure that no water is left in the system. Check the drain to make sure it’s draining adequately; excess moisture can cause problems, allowing bacteria to grow. It’s also important to make sure the drain isn’t left open for long periods of time, as this could lead to air loss.

3. Monitoring settings

Monitoring your system is always crucial, but it’s important to keep an eye on it during changing seasons to ensure components are running efficiently. The remote monitoring system is a good way to observe the air compressor from other places, and if there is any abnormality, it can call the police to remind.

Additionally, corrosion can occur in compressed air systems when the relative humidity exceeds 50%. Excess fluid can build up, leading to bacterial growth, blockages and potential leaks. Moist air can even cause problems with air tools and other end equipment.

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