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Air Dryer for Air Compressor

Air Dryer

for Air Compressor

Various types of air tanks for compressor to meet your needs

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Air dryer for compressor are special types of filter systems that are specifically designed to remove the water that is inherent in compressed air. The process of compressing air raises its temperature and concentrates atmospheric contaminants, primarily water vapor. Consequently, the compressed air is generally at an elevated temperature and 100% relative humidity. As the compressed air cools, water vapor condenses into the tank, pipes, hoses and tools that are downstream from the compressor. Water vapor is removed from compressed air to prevent condensation from occurring and to prevent moisture from interfering in sensitive industrial processes.

By choosing a Sollant air dryer, you are buying high-quality treatment products that will enhance your entire air compressor system. Sollant provides various types of air compressor dryer, the general price is 300-600 USD, economic investment for a good business.


300-600$ for Buying a Right Air Dryer to Match Your Air Compressor

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What Size Air Dryer
Do I Need?

Air dryer for compressors are sized based on your ambient temperature and incoming air, as well as the capacity of your air compressor. The larger the HP of your compressor, the larger the flow will need to be on the dryer. Most importantly, you want to choose the right dryer based on the temperature of your environment and the quality of the air which you need for your applications.

Air dryers are recommended for almost all compressed air applications, but determining the right dryer for your business it is important to keep your production running as safely and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to inquire about the dryer model.

Why Choose Sollant
Air Dryer for

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • 100% function testing of air dryer performed before shipment.
  • Low cost but high quality with long service life.
  • They are easier to maintain and repair.
  • Air dryer for the conis resistant to high temperatures.
  • Air dryer makes the compressed air more efficient.
  • Cheapest price 300-600$, minimum order quantity.

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Air Dryer for Air Compressor
Buying Guide

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Overview of Air Dryer for Air Compressor

In an air compressor, it is hard to avoid the creation of moisture. It occurs in all air compressors, but some have an efficient way of getting rid of the water vapor efficiently. Moisture formation has to be prevented in all pneumatic machinery because it can destroy some internal components. The best way to do this is by getting acompressor air dryer. The air dryer for air compressor helps to keep your air compressor dry and also provides pure pressurized air.

These air dryers for air compressorhave special filters that remove all moisture in compressed air. This is water that occurs when the compressed air cools down, and if not dried up, it interferes with other industrial processes in an air compressor. Water is a significant problem in air compressors and theleading cause of damages.

Types of Air Dryers for Air Compressor

When excessive water occurs in an air compressor, it causes issues such as equipment corrosion, freezing, and malfunctioning process. Drying up the water prevents the formation of a downstream, which can cause spoilage of product, operational problems, and expensive repairs. When you use an air compressor dryer system, it prevents condensation of moisture. It reduces the pressure dew point lower than the temperature around the compressor’s airlines, and this leads to more dry air.
Here are types of air dryers:

1. Desiccant Dryers

These dryers are also called regen dryers, pressure swing, temperature swing, and twin tower dryers. They use adsorption, which means the moisture gets attached to desiccant, but it’s not dissolved. It is different from absorption because the drying agent absorbs the moisture.
Advantages of desiccant dryers include:

  • The dew points are low
  • Affordable operating costs
  • They are usable in hazardous and remote environments

However, this air compressor dryer is expensive to set up and needs replacement after about three to five years. Besides, the desiccant agents get degraded by oil particulates that find their way due to lack of proper filtration.
Desiccant dryers come in handy where you need high integrity drying process. It ensures the end product is pure and not tampered with by impurities. They are reliable in the maintenance of perfectly controlled, humid environments.

When looking for an industrial air compressor dryer that has strength and efficiency, desiccant dryers are the best choice. They are more reliable than their counterparts, known as refrigerant dehumidifiers. The latter’s performance is affected by the surrounding’s temperature while desiccant dryers will still deliver quality even in colder environments. Typical uses of desiccant dryers include:
Material processing- All materials have to go through a specific process, and particular requirements must be in place to give quality end products. A desiccant compressor air dryercomes in handy for such procedures and ensures you get desired results.

Prevention of Mold- When air compressor releases evaporation to its environment, molds grow. It can damage the equipment and also reduce the sanitation of any working environment.

2. Refrigerated air dryers

These air dryers get rid of moisture through cooling the compressed air’s temperature. This causes condensation, and later the liquid is collected by a moisture separator and led to the drain. The air dryers generate air that has a dew point that ranges from 35 to 40° F. Such andryer for air compressoris mostly used in plants with general operations and is not ideal for sensitive processes where extremely dry air must be used. Besides, the dryers are not for areas that experience sub-freezing. These dryers come in two type’s, namely non-cycling and cycling dryers. The cycling cycle refrigerated dryer is slow but saves energy, especially when the consumption of air is low. But both types can run continuously, which makes them ideal where consistent airflow is required.

3. Membrane Dryers

Membrane dryers remove water from an air compressor using dehumidification. They have a dew point that falls between 20 and 60°F. This air compressor with dryerrelies on engineered membrane materials and differences of internal pressure. While small molecules of water may find into the membrane, large molecules of oxygen and nitrogen cannot.
This air dryer comes with a cylinder-like hollow vessel, which is full of membrane tubes. The dryers are compact and light in weight; besides, they do not have moving parts, so you do not need any power to run them. No maintenance services are needed, and they are, therefore, an ideal choice for remote and hazard areas.

4. Point-of-use Dryers

A point-of-use air compressor air dryer for saleguarantees youa low maintenance and compact dryer for clean pressurized and moisture-free air. It has a dew point between 40 and100°F, but it is strong enough to run for more than 12,000 hours and works like the membrane dryer without maintenance requirements. But in-between, you may have to change the pre-filter cartridge.

5. Deliquescent Dryers

A deliquescent dryer for air compressoruses tablets that attract moisture and dissolve it. The tablets are desiccant and dry up the compressed air. This air dryer works well in outdoor settings and harsh environments where long hours of application are required. It helps save energy as operation costs occur when demand for air s high and reduce when none is needed. The main drawback is that you have to refill the tablets daily.

Where Are Desiccant Dryers Mostly Used?

  • Healthcare industry

Desiccant dryers come in handy in the healthcare industry. You will find this type of an air dryer compressor where a high standard of sanitization is required. It comes in handy in environments where people are treated or given medications.

  • Ice Rinks

Moisture and warmth are necessary to keep an ice bed solid. This makes desiccant dryers most ideals for a business.

  • Flood Relief

After a lot of water has passed through a house or area, the remaining properties must be dried up.

  • Drying up Food

Moisture makes food rot even before it leaves a factory. But desiccant dryers help to get rid of water and humidity from such foods to prolong their lifespan.

  • Production of fabric

Fabric production factories should have sufficient systems to prevent airborne moisture from damaging materials. Desiccantair compressor dryers are efficient and are used to keep manufacturing environments dry throughput.

Choosing Best air compressor filter dryer

The purpose of your air compressor and work environment determines the best air filter dryer. But there are also things that you have to consider when selecting an industrial air dryer for compressor. They include:

• Flow Rate

The maximum air capacity of your air compressor determines. Consider the PSI of your r compressor before you buy an air dryer.

• Specific use of a compressor

When buying a compressor air dryer, you must be aware of the intended use. This includes the sensitivity of the processes and how much moisture they can tolerate. In some applications, the air has to be free of moisture, and therefore, you must have an air dryer that will take care of all water traces.

• The temperature

To know whether an air dryer will keep the compressed sufficiently dry, consider the heat of the working environment. In a factory with temperature ranging from 70ᵒF and above, any dryer delivering lowering a dew point below 50ᵒF is satisfactory. However, you should also consider the time of the day; for example, day and night temperatures are not the same. Also, you may need an air dryer that can serve where freezing temperatures are experienced at times to avoid inefficiency.

• Size

The size of your compressor determines the type of air dryer to buy. The small air dryer for compressor is for DIY tasks, but some models are large for industrial use. So, choose one that will not overheat due to long hours of use or offer too much airflow for your light tasks. Besides, you should buy an air compressor dryer that can withstand continuous use. Such air dryers are made of a durable and robust design that can withstand temperature changes and meet the demand of air required.

• Future Maintenance Service

Every air compressor requires proper care, and the same goes for an air dryer compressor. This is a long term investment for your business. So, think about the running costs, including maintenance services. Avoid buying equipment that will prove expensive to maintain in the long run.

Tips To Identify the Best in Line Air Dryer for Air Compressor

When looking forward to the installation of an industrial air compressor dryer, keep the following points in mind.
• Avoid over-specifying the type of air dryer you need for your business. Any air compressor line dryerwith less than 40°F is not sufficient for various factory processes. Subdivide the supply of the compressed air by application to know what you need at every point. This will help you identify the most appropriate air dryer to serve the intended use efficiently.
• Just like over-specifying, under-specifying is equally bad. This can result in unwanted wetness, and the damages can be quite costly. Make sure you buy an efficient drying system; it not only gives you quality end products but also helps maintain your equipment.
• Never buy acompressor air dryerwith a coalescing or aftercooler filter only. It can cause problems with the downstream condensation in the aftercooler. The saturated air has vapor and will condense when the temperature of ambient air reduces than that of the compressed air.
• Make use of drying effects caused by pressure reduction. It will come in handy for tasks that can be done with low-pressure air and still go on smoothly even with some water vapor traces.
• Use desiccant dryers for applications that need a dew point less than 40°F and have an airflow rate of more than 100 scfm.

Which Air Compressor Needs Compressor Air Dryer

An air compressor dryer systemis essential for every air compressor. It ensures your equipment is moisture free and prevents condensation and corrosion that occurs due to moisture. While all compressors have a way of draining water, someof the drainage systems are not efficient.
The water forms aerosol and vapor inside the compressor, and it’s tough to remove it. This can cause damage to your air compressor by corroding pipes, valves, and other machinery controls. Such problems cause a halt to production processes waste of time and above, high costs of repairs. Here is how to tell if a compressor requires an air dryer.

  • Check for any specifications from the manufacturer, indicating that dry air is required
  • Signs of corrosion and rusting on pipelines
  • The air compressor has water spots
  • Leakage of water through lines and hoses
  • The compressor’s exhaust releases air with traces of water vapor

Why Buy A Dryer For Air Compressor?

The leading cause of problems in air compressors is the accumulation of moisture. According to the majority ofair compressor air dryer reviews, most people ignore the signs of moisture. They believe their compressor can drain the moisture. But, as an air compressor owner, it is wise to invest in one of the many brands available in the market, includingthe Line dryer for air compressor. It will ensure smooth running, consistent production, and save you money from frequent repairs.
Bottom Line
An air compressor is a significant investment, and you should, therefore, do you all you can to ensure it’s always well-maintained. Buying acompressor air dryeris one ofthe best things you can do to keep your equipment efficient and productive. It reduces the chances of your equipment failing due to moisture while increasing your business profits. You will never have to worry about possible break downs due to water vapor; every penny you invest in an air compressor with dryeris worth it