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How to avoid carbon deposition in air compressors—Shared by Sollant

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According to the principle of air compressors producing harmful substances such as carbon deposits, what measures can be taken to avoid them?How to avoid carbon deposition in air compressors-

Ways to avoid carbon buildup:

  1. Choose clean air compressor oil and replace it regularly according to maintenance requirements. According to the working conditions and environment, you can choose the air compressor oil formulated with V and IV synthetic oil, or the air compressor oil mainly composed of III highly refined hydrocarbon oil, and avoid using I/II with insufficient saturation and more impurities Mineral oils.
  2. Select maintenance parts, and regularly change the oil separator, oil filter and air filter according to the maintenance requirements, which can filter external and internal pollution sources and ensure the normal operation of the air compressor.
  3. Maintain normal working temperature and pressure, ensure the ventilation conditions of the air compressor station, and avoid long-term high-temperature and high-pressure operation.
  4. Use auxiliary cleaning methods to keep the air compressor clean, and use cleaning fluid to regularly clean all parts of the air compressor to ensure that the head rotor and oil circuit are in a relatively clean state, and prevent different types, models, and old and new oils from being mixed. Before restarting, strong measures should be taken.Sollant best screw compressor

It is necessary to find a professional person in charge of the air compressor to clean and inspect the equipment, and formulate measures to prevent abnormal situations after restarting.

  1. First check the circuit status, whether there is a problem with the power supply system, and whether the current is stable; accurately measure the grounding resistance of the motor, and the data exceeds 1mω.
  2. Check whether there is water and dust on the screw air compressor, and deal with it in time.
  3. Thoroughly check the air inlet and outlet to avoid blockage.
  4. After the association is completed, plug in the power and check whether the computer controller is operating normally.
  5. Replace the three filters and grease. After all, if the third filter is not used for a long time, the oil may age, resulting in a short start-up time of the air compressor, that is, adhesion of carbon deposits or blockage, blockage of the oil circuit, damage to the server or other components of the air compressor.
  6. Professional technicians will manually intervene in loading and unloading after commissioning and hydropower transformation. For about 10 minutes without load, check whether the indicators, vibration and noise are normal, and then load it again to check whether the components are operating normally.

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