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Discussion on Common Faults of Frequency Converter of Air Compressor



  1. If the ambient temperature is too high, the temperature of the components inside the inverter will be too high. In order to protect the internal circuit of the inverter, the inverter will alarm and stop at this time. Check whether the heat dissipation channel of the inverter is blocked, whether the heat dissipation fan is damaged, and repair it in time; wash the ground with water to cool down.


  1. When the air duct of the inverter itself is blocked, or the air duct of the control cabinet is blocked, it will affect the heat dissipation inside the inverter and cause the inverter to overheat and alarm. Regularly inspect the frequency converter, remove the garbage from its air duct, and avoid jamming or damage to the cooling fan of the air duct. When the cooling fan of the inverter does not work normally, a large amount of heat will accumulate inside the inverter and cannot be dissipated. Check and repair the cooling fan of the frequency converter, if damaged, replace it in time to avoid other damage to the air compressor.


  1. When the load carried by the frequency converter is too heavy, it will generate excessive current and generate a lot of heat, and sometimes the frequency converter will give an overheating alarm. Increase the capacity of the inverter and reduce the load.


  1. For frequency conversion faults caused by voltage instability, confirm the input voltage to ensure voltage stability.


  1. In case of the inverter alarm caused by the failure of the main motor, check whether the main motor is running normally.


The above analysis can be used as a simple reference when there is a problem with the inverter. Since the inverter has many lines, it is necessary to distinguish the circuit when replacing it. If the wrong line is connected, the motor will be damaged. When the inverter fails, please Notify the after-sales professional maintenance personnel in time.


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