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How does the compressor noise of the air compressor come about? How to eliminate high noise

Single-phase air compressor

1. Noise indicators are difficult to judge, and everyone has different sensitivity to noise:

(1) The compressor itself will cause obvious noise due to improper assembly, de-spring and other reasons;

(2) In the refrigerator system, due to the flow pulsation of the refrigerant and the vibration of the compressor transmitted by the pipeline, it may also cause local resonance and noise. At this time, you can adjust the pipeline and paste heavy objects (shock absorbers) on the pipeline, etc. Measures to avoid resonance points;

(3) To judge whether the noise of the compressor is too high, you can compare the sound of the removed compressor with the normal compressor (including no-load and suppressed operation). If there is no obvious difference, you can preliminarily judge that the noise is normal;

2. When the noise of the compressor is too high, the method of extending the vacuuming time (more than 40 minutes) and increasing the vacuum degree can also be used to improve the noise of the compressor to a certain extent.

3. Consulting caliber for compressor noise: The size of the sound has its relativeness. In a noisy environment and in a quiet environment, we feel the same sound differently. In a quiet environment, it is very It is easy to feel the sound of the outside world, so we feel that the operating sound of the refrigerator is more obvious at night. In fact, the sound has not changed but the human feeling has become louder.

Noise Advisory:

(1) The bottom corner is uneven. Explain that the ground is uneven, and guide the user to adjust the bottom corner of the refrigerator with a bottom corner wrench so that the refrigerator is in a horizontal position.

(2) Refrigerator and other objects collide or lean against the wall. Instruct the user to remove the adjacent objects or keep a certain distance from the refrigerator wall.

(3) The water receiving tray or the condenser is loose. Instruct the user to fasten the condenser or the water receiving tray, and consult the user to fix it.

(4) When the refrigerator starts or stops, the rotation speed of the compressor changes, or from slow to fast or from fast to slow. When the change occurs, the sound is always louder than when it is stable. This is not difficult for us to understand , so the phenomenon you reported is normal and will not affect the normal performance of the refrigerator.

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