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Displacement adjustment method of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor—Shared by Sollant

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Displacement adjustment method of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor:

The variable frequency speed control of the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is to adjust the displacement by changing the speed of the drive motor and then adjusting the speed of the compressor.

The function of the gas regulating system of the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is to change the speed of the motor through frequency conversion according to the gas consumption of the customer to meet the changing air demand, so as to achieve a balance between supply and demand.

According to different models, each frequency conversion unit sets the maximum output frequency of the inverter and the maximum speed of the motor.

When the customer’s gas consumption is equal to the rated displacement of the unit, the frequency conversion unit adjusts the frequency of the frequency conversion motor to increase the speed of the main engine, and the unit runs at full load.

when the gas consumption is less than the rated displacement, the frequency conversion unit reduces the speed of the main engine to reduce Air intake.

When the customer stops using the gas, the frequency of the variable frequency motor drops to the minimum, the intake valve closes, and the unit runs without load under low back pressure.

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The driving motor equipped with a permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor has a rated power, but the actual shaft power of the motor is consistent with its load. Speed is directly related. The compressor unit adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which reduces the speed while reducing the load, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of light-load operation.

At the same time, it can be adjusted continuously very conveniently to maintain the stability of the exhaust volume and exhaust pressure. Compared with industrial frequency compressors, variable frequency compressors need to drive variable frequency motors, and the frequency converters and corresponding electrical controls are huge, so the cost is relatively high.

Therefore, the initial investment cost of choosing an inverter compressor is relatively large. The inverter itself has power consumption and heat dissipation and ventilation limitations of the inverter, but the gas consumption of the user changes, and the range of the air compressor is large, so the inverter is often selected under low load.

Displacement adjustment method

The main advantages of inverter compressors are as follows:

  1. Energy saving and high efficiency:

The variable frequency compressor can intelligently adjust the speed and operating frequency according to the actual gas demand to match the system load changes. This means it can reduce the revs under part load or low load conditions, saving energy. Conventional fixed-frequency compressors run at maximum speed at low loads, wasting energy.

  1. Precise control:

The variable frequency compressor can adjust the output pressure and gas volume in real time to adapt to changes in process requirements. Through precise control, the stability and high efficiency of the system can be ensured, while providing more accurate gas supply.

Displacement adjustment method

  1. Reduce the frequency of start and stop:

Traditional compressors need to consume a lot of energy when starting, but frequency conversion compressors can avoid frequent start and stop.

By smoothly adjusting the working frequency and rotating speed, it can continuously provide the required air volume, reduce the number of starts and stops, prolong the life of the equipment, and reduce maintenance costs.

  1. Noise and vibration reduction:

By adjusting the rotational speed and operating frequency, inverter compressors can reduce noise and vibration levels. This is important for applications working in noise-sensitive environments and also provides better working environment and employee comfort.

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  1. Extend equipment life:

Since the variable frequency compressor can adjust the working state according to the actual load demand, it can reduce the risk of overload and overheating, thereby prolonging the life of the equipment. In addition, reducing start-stop frequency and vibration levels also helps reduce the risk of mechanical wear and failure.

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