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The energy-saving space of screw air compressor equipment starts from itself

Sollant two stage air compressor


When we talk about the energy saving of screw air compressors, we often start from the outside of the air compressor, such as frequency conversion transformation, waste heat recovery, etc. It seems that few people think of solving it from the air compressor itself. In fact, it is completely possible to tap the energy-saving potential from the air compressor system itself, and the most applicable and easy-to-master main points are as follows:

Sollant two stage air compressor

The meaning of screw air compressor energy-saving space starting from itself


  1. Ensure the intake air quality and temperature. Practice has proved that the higher the air quality around the screw air compressor, the better the exhaust quality and the lower the energy consumption.


  1. Choose the right lubricating oil.

Sollant two stage air compressor

  1. Pay attention to adjust the set proportional band and integral time, and try to avoid sudden reduction of gas consumption.


  1. Discharge the condensed water of the screw air compressor, air dryer, air storage tank and pipe network in time.


  1. If it is a water-cooled screw air compressor, it is necessary to pay attention to the water quality and temperature of the cooling water, reasonable cooling water sewage discharge, planned water replenishment and regular cleaning of the cooling water system.

Sollant two stage air compressor

In addition, good operating habits and scientific and reasonable maintenance cycles, although these are not obvious in terms of energy saving, can effectively reduce the failure rate of the screw air compressor system, so it can save maintenance costs, so from an economic point of view Speaking, it can also be summed up in this range.

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