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How to ensure safety when different types of air compressors are running—Shared by Sollant

industrial screw air compressor.

Safety is an eternal topic, and there are many precautions in the use of air compressors, so how to ensure the safe operation of different types of air compressors.

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  1. Small air compressor

Pay attention to the start-up inspection before starting the small air compressor. If the temperature is too low, internal freezing may occur. Pay attention to heat dissipation after running for a period of time.

  1. Large air compressor

When large-scale air compressors are running, extra attention should be paid to the safety of electricity consumption. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the operating environment of the air compressor is clean and tidy, preferably in a low-temperature environment. If the weather is hot, always pay attention to whether the operating temperature of the machine exceeds the standard.

  1. Choose the right model

The model of the air compressor should meet the gas demand of the enterprise, and the design should be reasonable.

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The following are some general safety measures that can be used to ensure the safe operation of air compressors:

Regular maintenance:

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular maintenance and maintenance, including changing filters, oil lubricants, and other wearing parts. Maintenance ensures the proper functioning of equipment and prevents potential breakdowns and accidents.

Installation location:

Choose a safe location to install the air compressor to ensure its stability and good ventilation. Avoid installations in flammable, explosive or humid environments.

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Proper wiring:

Make sure that electrical lines are properly grounded and that electrical wiring is done in accordance with relevant regulations to prevent electrical failures from causing fire or other safety issues.

Pressure Control:

Use suitable pressure switches and safety valves to control and maintain the pressure of compressed air. Make sure the pressure is within the set range, and set a safety valve to prevent the pressure from exceeding the set value.

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Temperature control:

Regularly check and maintain the cooling system to ensure that the air compressor operates within an appropriate temperature range. Excessive temperatures may cause equipment failure or fire.

Operational training:

Provide appropriate training for operators to understand the operating procedures, safety precautions and emergency shutdown procedures of the air compressor. Only trained personnel should operate the equipment.


Make sure the air compressor is equipped with proper safety guards such as guards, safety switches and emergency stop buttons. These devices keep the operator safe in the event of a breakdown or emergency.

3. Choose the right model

Air Supply Treatment:

Treat compressed air with appropriate filters and dryers to remove potential contaminants and moisture. Dry compressed air reduces the risk of corrosion and failure of equipment.

Regular inspection:

Regularly check the various parts and connections of the air compressor to ensure that it is tight and working properly. Any potential problems are detected and fixed in a timely manner.


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