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Sollant: Several ways to extend the life of high-pressure centrifugal fans!

centrifugal air compressor

The High-pressure centrifugal fans are generally used in industrial vacuuming, electroplating bath stirring, pneumatic conveying, petroleum, chemical, smelting, electric power, chemical fertilizers, building materials, ores, ports, textiles, food, medicine, environmental protection, breeding and city gas industries.

In the process of using the high-pressure centrifugal fan, due to lack of attention to maintenance knowledge, it is easy to cause the centrifugal fan to fail.Reasonable maintenance can prolong the service life of high pressure centrifugal fan.

industrial centrifugal compressor

So how much do you know about the maintenance of high-pressure centrifugal fans?

  1.  First, high-pressure centrifugal fans cannot be used in vibration environments. If vibration cannot be avoided, a shock absorber is required.
  2. Second, the operating environment of the centrifugal fan must also have the function of ventilation and heat dissipation. It cannot be used in small or closed environments.
  3. Third, it cannot be used in an environment of wind and rain.
  4. Finally, the best operating environment for centrifugal fans is below 40°C. Relative humidity, below 80% environment.

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What misunderstandings will occur during the maintenance of high-pressure centrifugal fans?

After the high-pressure centrifugal fan is repaired, a common mistake is to install the fixed end and the free end of the fan bearing cover incorrectly, because the fan end cover has 8 pieces.

However, if the fixed end and the free end are not carefully distinguished, they cannot be distinguished, but the layout of the two is roughly the same. However, the effect achieved in actual use is different.

centrifugal fan

Why is it necessary to strictly distinguish between fixed end caps and free end caps?

This is because the shaft of the high-pressure centrifugal fan will thermally expand due to the high temperature environment. When the high-pressure centrifugal fan leaves the factory, it is a non-locating bearing built in the manufacturer’s city at the tail.

The positioning bearing needs to be strictly positioned during installation, and the expansion side of the free bearing cannot be limited. Therefore, if the installation is not correct, the shaft that appears to be dead can be free and flexible, which is likely to cause accidents and damage the equipment.

centrifugal compressor

Therefore, when installing the bearing cover, the length of the flange of the bearing end cover inserted part can be clearly distinguished. The end cap with the shortest flange is installed on the farthest side, so that the position of the end cap can be effectively positioned.

In addition, when the equipment needs to be formalized, there will often be maintenance personnel who tighten or loosen the anchor bolts to improve the accuracy. Although this method achieves the purpose temporarily, it will not take long but the equipment will get worse as it is used.

axial fan and centrifugal fan

Because tightening or loosening the anchor bolts will cause uneven pre-tightening force of all anchor bolts. It is very easy to damage a single bolt due to excessive force during the use of the equipment.

When repairing and protecting later, if it is tightened again, it will destroy the adjusted device scale. Therefore, this approach is not advisable. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid entering this misunderstanding when repairing and protecting high-pressure centrifugal fans.

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