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How to determine whether the air compressor host needs major repairs

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If the air compressor does not discharge water, it will increase the water content in the compressed air, affect the gas quality, and have an impact on the gas equipment at the back end; The deterioration of oil and gas separation effect and the increase of pressure difference in the oil and gas separator can also cause rusting of the components.

Centrifugal fan vertical two stage compression air compressor

1、 How is water produced?

The internal temperature of the machine head during the operation of the air compressor is very high, and the water in the natural air sucked in will form water vapor during the operation of the air compressor. And the air storage tank can not only provide a buffer and storage space for compressed air, but also reduce pressure and cool down. When compressed air passes through the gas storage tank, the high-speed airflow collides with the wall of the tank, causing it to converge and causing a rapid temperature drop inside the tank. This causes a large amount of water vapor to liquefy and form condensate. If caught in humid weather or winter, more condensation will form.

2、 When does it usually drain?

Adjust according to the specific usage environment and working conditions, regularly discharge condensate water or install automatic drains. Mainly depends on the humidity of the inhaled air and the outlet temperature of the air compressor.

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