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How to effectively prevent air compressor explosion accidents?

sollant centrifugal fan vertical two-stage compression air compressor

Why do air compressors explode? The reason is that the power of air compressors is maximized, making them used by more and more companies and factories, and many air compressors are used in production and operations with greater limits, so that companies and factories can obtain greater profits.

rotary screw type air compressor.

There are many problems in the use of the machine, and a series of problems caused by air compressor failures, such as failure to work properly, inability to start, etc., so it is also possible that the explosion is caused by air compressor failures. If it really explodes, the loss will be great. Not to mention the material, the cost of human casualties is painful.

So when using an air compressor, how to effectively prevent the occurrence of air compressor explosion accidents?

First of all, we need to understand the causes of the explosion. The unstable factor in the air compressor that can cause the explosion is oil. The temperature and quality of the oil are the main culprits and the source of grief.

screw compressor package.

Poor oil quality is bound to have poor oxidation resistance, easy to produce sludge and carbon deposits, and easy to decompose carbon dust and light hydrocarbons. The temperature of the oil is also worth noting. The ignition point of the oil is very low. When it reaches a certain temperature, it will catch fire. This is a place that needs special attention.

3. Choose the right model

As an air compressor user, we must be cautious in choosing oil. We must choose the right oil and try not to buy oil containing additives. Users must master the ability to identify counterfeit products and avoid cheating by merchants under any circumstances. Secondly, the intake temperature must be strictly controlled. We must know more about the machine and take good care of it, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of air compressor explosion accidents.

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