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How to judge the quality of air compressor accessories?

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Air compressor accessories are one of the key factors for the normal and smooth operation of the air compressor, because the air compressor needs maintenance, and consumables and accessories have a service life, so it is very important to choose good quality accessories, then, How to judge the quality of air compressor accessories?

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1. Oil filter

It is not easy to identify the quality of the oil filter. This mainly depends on the time of use. If the specified time is not reached before the alarm is blocked or the oil pressure is low or the exhaust temperature is too high, most of these are caused by the oil filter. Caused by clogging of the air compressor, if the quality of the oil filter is poor, it is also prone to malfunctions during air compressor maintenance.

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2. Lubricating oil

The quality of air compressor oil has a great influence on the performance of oil-injected screw machines. Good oil has good antioxidant stability, rapid separation, good foam clearing, high viscosity, and good anti-corrosion properties. Therefore, users Original and pure special screw oil must be used. The first oil change of the new machine will be carried out after the running-in period of 500 hours, and new oil will be replaced every 2,000 hours of operation thereafter. Air compressor oil is the blood of the air compressor. Without good oil, the air compressor will have various problems, making it difficult to operate. Therefore, choosing a good engine oil is very important for air compressors.

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3. Oil and gas separator

The oil and gas separator is a component that separates the screw machine lubricating oil from the compressed air. The oil and gas separator must be replaced when it expires or when the pressure difference between the front and rear exceeds 0.12Mpa. Otherwise, the motor will be overloaded, the oil-gas separator will be damaged, and the oil will leak. The oil and gas separator is one of the more expensive consumables in air compressors. The reason why it is expensive is that its cost is also high. The quality of imported oil and gas separators is very good, and its pressure difference ratio and oil filtration are also very good. Generally, if the imported oil and gas separator is replaced, there will be almost no faults in the oil separator core.

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4. Air filter
The quality of the air filter element can basically be seen. It mainly depends on the paper density and quality of the filter element. It can be seen with the naked eye. If the quality is not good, a large amount of impurities and dust will run into the inside of the air compressor, which can easily cause oil content. If the core is clogged, the internal pressure will be too high, causing the safety valve to open for fuel injection.

It can be seen from this that the quality of air compressor accessories has a greater impact on the normal operation of the machine. When using an air compressor, users should regularly inspect and maintain the machine and replace parts with poor quality to reduce the failure rate of the air compressor and improve the efficiency and quality of compressed air.

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