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What happens when an ordinary screw air compressor is installed with a frequency converter?

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What happens when an ordinary screw air compressor is installed with a frequency converter?


The frequency conversion air compressor is the trend of the air compressor industry. The future air compressor will definitely use a large number of frequency converters. If you are a wise air compressor buyer, it is best to choose a frequency conversion air compressor under the same power. Then someone I have to ask, is it possible to add a frequency converter to an ordinary screw air compressor?

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Under normal circumstances, the installation of frequency converters on ordinary screw air compressors will have the following disadvantages:


  1. Ordinary screw air compressors use power frequency motors. After installing a frequency converter, the frequency adjustment range is only 25~50Hz, which basically cannot achieve energy saving effect, and can only achieve soft start function. However, in actual use, the motor will often be burned due to the reduced speed of the motor, resulting in a great loss of heat dissipation effect.

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  1. The fuel injection volume set by the main engine of ordinary screw air compressors is a constant full oil volume. It will not automatically reduce the fuel injection volume in time due to the decrease of the screw speed and the temperature drop of the host machine. Continue to spray the full oil volume, which may cause serious emulsification. Phenomenon occurs, causing the system to contain water, which greatly damages the bearing and the main engine, and greatly shortens the service life of equipment components and the whole machine.


  1. Ordinary screw air compressors inevitably have air volume leakage in the triangular leakage area, especially the linear screw of an ordinary screw air compressor designed to operate at full load. When the speed is forcibly reduced, the leakage in the triangular area is extremely enlarged. It is easy to form the phenomenon of reverse channeling of air flow, which will cause air flow disorder, greatly reduce the gas production and increase the vibration rate of the main engine, resulting in an increase in the failure rate of the main engine and affecting the life of the bearing and the main engine.

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  1. Ordinary screw air compressors usually use a PID closed-loop program-controlled control system. The installed frequency converter control system and the pressure signal sensor of the machine cannot achieve good synchronization and matching, which will cause slow, disordered and disordered signal transmission during operation. And so on a series of phenomena occur, increase the equipment failure rate. Ordinary screw air compressor manufacturers generally do not support the installation of external frequency converters.


  1. The installation of frequency converters is generally only suitable for the transformation of single-compression air compressors, and double-stage compression is especially not suitable, because two-stage compressors are driven by a small power motor through large and small gears to drive two hosts to overload. Frequency conversion transformation In the end, it is more likely to cause the phenomenon of burning the motor and will greatly reduce the transmission efficiency.

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