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Maintenance and inspection of refrigerated dryer – daily inspection

Single-phase air compressor

Daily check

1. Before starting up

◇ Determine power supply, voltage, grounding and other matters.

◇The bypass side valve has been closed tightly.

◇The drainer power supply (electric type) is normal, and the drain valve has been opened.

◇For water-cooled models, make sure that the cooling tower, water pump, and water source are all in a normal state.

◇Is the computer room temperature high? Does the exhaust fan need to be turned on.

Single-phase air compressor

2. In operation

◇Whether the compressor is running when the running light is on.

◇The surface of the aluminum fins of the air-cooled radiator is not blocked, and the operation and speed of the cooling motor are normal.

(Note: Due to different designs, some heat dissipation motors will run continuously and some will stop and stop repeatedly)

◇The water inlet and outlet of water-cooled radiator (condenser) or water-cooled rear cooler are normal, and there is a temperature difference in water temperature. (The outlet water temperature is higher than the inlet water temperature and the greater the load, the greater the temperature difference)

Single-phase air compressor

◇The evaporating pressure gauge (dew point temperature/evaporating temperature) should be within a certain range during operation. If it exceeds, it may be [overload state]. Please rule it out quickly, if it is lower than 1kg/cm2, there may be refrigerant exposure.

– Overload state (OVERLOAD)

The following state operations will create an overload condition:

·The compressed air temperature is too high.

·The flow rate of compressed air is too high.

·Ambient temperature is too high (above 38°C)

·The voltage is too low from 220V to below 198V. 380V down to below 340V.

· Ventilation openings are blocked by walls or clogged with dust.

·Cooling water temperature is too high or not enough.

◇ Check the pressure of the air pressure gauge (if there is no dryer, see the air compressor or air storage tank) to see if it is lower than 1.5kg cm2—cause the air leakage of the float drainer (the electric type will not)

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Single-phase air compressor

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