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Routine maintenance and maintenance of cold dryer


Observe and record the instrument value 4 times per shift

1. The pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of compressed air does not exceed 0.035Mpa;

2. Refrigerant low pressure gauge 0.3 Mpa-0.5 Mpa;

3. High pressure gauge 1.2 Mpa-1.9 Mpa.

Regularly observe the drainage and sewage system

The action of the electronic drain valve is normal, but no water is discharged. It is likely that the filter screen is clogged. In this case, the filter screen needs to be cleaned.

1. Close the front ball valve ① of the drain valve.

2. Press the test button ② to discharge the residual compressed air.

3. Unscrew the filter plug ③, and take out the filter ④.

4. Soak the filter ④ in soapy water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with water (or blow it with purified compressed air).

5. After cleaning, put back the filter ④ and the filter plug ③ to open the front ball valve ①.

In the case of no damage to the components, the solenoid valve leaks. The reason may be that a large amount of powder in the condensed water passes through the filter and enters the gap between the valve core and the sheath, blocking the valve core. At this time, the valve needs to be cleaned. core.

1. Cut off the drain valve power supply

2. Remove the coil, unscrew the hex nut, take out the valve core and two springs, clean the valve seat, valve core, spring and valve core sheath, and then reinstall.

3. Before removing the coil, the electronic drain valve must be de-energized, otherwise the energized coil will burn out after detaching from the valve stem.

Regularly observe the inlet temperature of the cooling water system and the compressed air system

1. Cooling water temperature 2~32℃;

2. Water pressure 0.15~0.3Mpa;

3. The intake temperature of compressed air should generally be ≤45°C (it is advisable not to burn the intake pipe by hand), except for special cases.

4. The cooling water should be kept clean. The Y-type filter should be cleaned every half a month, and once a month if the water quality is good; the water condenser should be cleaned once a year (depending on the water quality), and the air condenser should be cleaned once a month;

When cleaning the air condenser, try to avoid crushing the fin surface of the air condenser

There should be sufficient space around the air condenser for ventilation and heat dissipation, and it should not work under direct sunlight; regularly use compressed air to remove surface dust, and the flow and pressure of compressed air for cleaning should not be too high.

Cleaning of the shell-and-tube water condenser: close the cooling water inlet and outlet, open the end cover that is not connected to the water pipe, and only need to clean the outside of the end cover and the gasket with water; clean the inside of the copper tube with gas, water or a stick with a rag; Care should be taken not to use too much force, so as not to break the internal copper pipe.

Regularly observe the refrigeration system

1. The compressor should be touched by hand at least once a day, and it is usually clean and frosted;

2. Touch the temperature difference between the two sides of the dry filter by hand every week. The temperature difference should not be too large (it needs to be replaced if the inlet is hot and the outlet is cold);

3. If you find that the compressor has abnormal sound and heat, you should contact the after-sales service as soon as possible.

Check the electrical control system: blow off the dust, fasten the terminals (must be done without electricity)

Appearance maintenance

Regularly wipe off the oil and dust on the surface of the equipment with a clean towel. Remove the dust and oil on the floor where the cold dryer and air compressor are installed, and keep the environment clean and tidy.

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