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Sollant oil-free water lubrication screw air compressor


Sollant oil-free water-lubricated compressor industry

Air blowing, coating, chemical analysis, drying, powder conveying, instrument control, stirring, bacterial culture, steel and high-tech industry, paper making, textile, automobile industry, electronics and electrical industry, medicine and medical industry, food and chemical industry , petrochemical industry.


1. Efficient and long-lived host

The screw rotor of the main engine is made of ultra-corrosion-resistant navy copper alloy material, which is durable and has a long service life. The shell of the main engine is made of copper alloy material, which has good heat dissipation performance and strong corrosion resistance.

High-precision processing ensures that the screw and star wheel will not be worn due to processing and assembly problems, and the efficiency will not decrease over time.

2. 100% pure and oil-free compressed air

Sollant oil-free water-lubricated screw compressor uses pure water to seal, cool and lubricate the compression process, making the compressed air absolutely pure and pollution-free.

Under the premise of ensuring that there is no lubricating oil in the compression process, the compression efficiency is greatly improved. Compared with the dry oil-free machine with the same power, the gas output is increased by more than 15%, which is more efficient and energy-saving.

3. Imported water filter

Imported stainless steel water filter is used to efficiently filter impurities in lubricating water to ensure clean water quality.

4. Frequency conversion control, high efficiency and energy saving

The combination of frequency conversion motor and frequency converter makes Sollant oil-free water lubrication unit more energy-saving.

The inherent soft start of the inverter is used to avoid the current peak, the pneumatic is more stable, the compressor pressure accuracy is below 0.1bar, and the performance is more stable.


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