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What should I do if the fuel consumption of the oil-injected screw air compressor is too high?

Centrifugal fan vertical two stage compression air compressor


One thing you may find when using an oil-injected screw air compressor is that the air compressor’s fuel consumption is abnormally high, which adds a lot of intangible costs to production. So what is the reason for the high fuel consumption of air compressors? How to solve it?

1. Too much oil

If the refueling amount exceeds the normal oil level, part of the oil will be taken away by the air flow, resulting in excessive fuel consumption.

Centrifugal fan vertical two stage compression air compressor

2. The design of the oil and gas separation tank is unreasonable

Some air compressor manufacturers, when designing the oil and gas separation tank, have unreasonable design of the primary separation system and unsatisfactory primary separation effect, resulting in a high concentration of oil mist before entering the oil, overloading the oil, and insufficient processing capacity, resulting in fuel consumption. Too high.

3. Excessive gas consumption

Centrifugal fan vertical two stage compression air compressor Centrifugal fan vertical two stage compression air compressor

The exhaust volume of the air compressor cannot reach a balance with the user’s air consumption. The air compressor is under load operation for a long time and cannot reach the rated pressure value of the machine, resulting in increased fuel consumption. The reason is that the exhaust volume remains unchanged. Under this condition, the flow rate of the oil-gas mixture increases when it passes through the oil separator, and the oil mist concentration is too high, which increases the oil separator load and ultimately leads to high fuel consumption. .

4. The oil return pipeline is blocked

When the oil return line is blocked by foreign matter, the oil that condenses at the bottom of the oil separation after separation cannot return to the machine head. The condensed oil droplets are blown up by the air flow and are taken away with the separated air. This results in increased fuel consumption of the air compressor.

Centrifugal fan vertical two stage compression air compressor

The solution is to clean the air compressor. First run the air compressor for a few minutes to allow the oil to reach normal temperature, then turn off the air compressor. Wait until the internal pressure is released, then open the refueling cap and pour in the air compressor cleaning agent. , tighten the fuel cap. Then turn on the air compressor and run it for 30 minutes. Finally, drain the old oil and add an appropriate amount of new oil. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the air compressor will drop by about 10 degrees after cleaning. In this way, the oil consumption of the cleaned compressor will return to normal levels.

Therefore, when the oil consumption of the air compressor is too high, you can first check whether the amount of oil is too much, then check whether there is a fault in the oil system, troubleshoot the fault in time, and perform routine maintenance of the air compressor oil system.

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