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Cause analysis of damage to Sollant oil-free screw air compressor

Dry Oil free Air Compressor Sollant Compressor Sollant Machinery

There are many reasons for the damage of oil-free air compressors painted and comprehensive. We went deep into the work of the oil-free air compressor for painting and conducted on-the-spot investigations at the production site. We believe that the cause of the damage of the oil-free air compressor for painting is not only common with other motor power equipment, but also related to the oil-free air compressor itself. related to the failure factors generated by the specific operation.

The main points of analysis and induction are as follows:

1. Requirements for working conditions of oil-free air compressors for painting

The operation of oil-free air compressors with spray paint, the electrical control is relatively simple (especially the low-power type), generally a single unit works independently, and it is in an unprofessional operation place, and the failure is not handled in time. Relatively speaking, the repeated expansion rate of the failure increase.

Dry Oil free Air Compressor Sollant Compressor Sollant Machinery

Dry Oil free Air Compressor Sollant Compressor Sollant Machinery

Dry Oil free Air Compressor Sollant Compressor Sollant Machinery

2. Reliability and sensitivity of air pressure automatic switch

The start and stop of the painted oil-free air compressor is usually driven by the automatic air pressure switch (air pressure relay) to directly drive the AC contactor to automatically control the motor. Most of the air pressure automatic switches adopt a mechanical structure, which uses spring compression and release energy to actuate the contacts. Maybe it is the congenital deficiency of the automatic switch of the air pressure or the influence of different reasons such as improper adjustment and machine shock. In the process of controlling the air pressure, two abnormal movements may often occur:

(1) The air pressure automatic switch refuses to operate when the air pressure exceeds the air pressure, so that the motor cannot operate normally, and the air pressure continues to rise, causing the motor to run overloaded and overloaded. In severe cases, fault blocking may occur.

(2) Transient jumping phenomenon of automatic switch of air pressure (especially when the air pressure is close to the upper limit or lower limit critical state), and at the same time make the AC contactor produce synchronous jumping. As a result, the main contacts of the AC contactor are burned or stuck under the impact of frequent starting currents, resulting in shutdown or phase-opening fault operation.

Dry Oil free Air Compressor Sollant Compressor Sollant Machinery

3. The automatic exhaust valve fails

Due to the irregular gas consumption in the periphery, when the gas consumption is large, the motor is forced to start frequently. The accumulation of heat surplus generated by the high current during starting is not easy to dissipate, which will cause the motor to overheat, which may cause the motor to burn out.

Dry Oil free Air Compressor Sollant Compressor Sollant Machinery

Dry Oil free Air Compressor Sollant Compressor Sollant Machinery

4. Heavy load shutdown

The shutdown of the paint-spraying oil-free air compressor, unlike other equipment, is stopped when the maximum pressure of the set upper limit is reached. The AC contactor operates in sections under heavy load and high current. At this time, the arc spark is the most serious, which poses a great threat to the damage of the AC contactor. Due to the damage of the AC contactor, it will cause a power failure. Such as unbalanced (phase loss) and other operating states.

Paint-painted oil-free air compressors are characterized by uneven load, high vibration and noise, and mechanical failures such as wear and damage caused by blocked transmission parts, which can easily cause motor overload (stall, blockage, etc.)

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