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Reason Analysis of Insufficient Gas Volume of Screw Air Compressor—Shared by Sollant

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The rated air volume of the screw air compressor is one of the main indicators of the air compressor, and it is an important indicator to meet the production. When using an air compressor, there is often a sudden shortage of air volume. At this time, the cause should be checked in the following ways:

Reason Analysis of Insufficient Gas Volume of Screw Air Compressor

  1. Increased client gas consumption

If the air consumption of the client is greater than the rated air volume of the air compressor, the pressure of the air compressor cannot reach the rated discharge pressure point. At this time, the user’s direct feedback is that the pressure is insufficient, which is lower than the original working pressure. At this time, it should be checked whether the back-end gas consumption increases, such as the increase of gas load (such as the increase of nozzle diameter and wear aperture in the textile industry, the increase of back-end gas equipment), the leakage of intermediate gas pipelines, etc.


  1. There are problems with the screw air compressor unit. The main reasons are as follows:

(1) Remove the drain valve when it should not be unloaded. Check that each exhaust valve is not stuck and will not close, always exhaust.

(2) The air filter is clogged resulting in less air intake. Take off the air filter element and conduct a short test run to see if the pressure has increased. During the test, pay attention to ensure that debris does not enter the machine head).

Reason Analysis of Insufficient Gas Volume of Screw Air Compressor

(3) Reduce the driving speed. Shafts such as the machine head and motor are broken, the gear box of the machine head wears and loses rotation, the belt slips and loses rotation, and the rated frequency of the inverter is set incorrectly, etc. If conditions permit, you can test the driving speed with a speedometer to compare whether the actual speed is consistent with the rated speed.

(4) Advance action of capacity adjustment. If there is a capacity adjustment pressure valve, you can increase the capacity adjustment action pressure (generally tighten the capacity adjustment knob clockwise), and observe whether the intake valve is further opened.

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(5) The intake valve is stuck and cannot be opened or fully opened. The suction pipe can be disassembled, and observe whether the opening of the intake valve plate (see the opening stroke of the intake piston for the piston intake valve) is in the released position.

(6) The loading and unloading and frequency conversion pressure values are set incorrectly. Check whether the panel loading and unloading or variable frequency pressure is set correctly.

(7) The machine head is worn and the internal leakage is serious, which is usually accompanied by abnormal noise of the machine head.

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