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What is the reason for the frequent jumping of the screw air compressor? —Shared by Sollant

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Screw air compressor tripping is generally due to the overload of the air compressor and the shutdown of the air compressor caused by the disconnection of the protector. After the protector trips, it takes a long time to recover, which will delay production. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the reasons that lead to the tripping of the screw air compressor and to avoid these factors as much as possible.

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Reasons for frequent tripping of screw air compressors

  1. Start under pressure

The air compressor starts when there is pressure in the system, the starting current is too high, and the air switch trips to protect the unit. This usually occurs because of a malfunctioning minimum pressure valve or a clogged pressure relief system.

It is recommended to check the pressure gauge of the oil and gas barrel to see if there is pressure, and then open the pressure relief valve to judge whether the pressure gauge is faulty.

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  1. Excessive head resistance

The coking friction of the machine head increases or the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high and the amount is too large, which will lead to an increase in the resistance of the machine head, and the current is too large when starting, causing the air switch to trip.

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How to deal with frequent tripping of screw air compressors:

  1. Manually crank the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor to check whether the machine head and the motor can rotate freely, so as to judge whether the resistance increases.
  2. When the ambient temperature decreases, the viscosity of the oil increases, and the resistance also increases, the starting current of the motor becomes larger, and the starting time of the air compressor is prolonged. The ambient temperature at that time can be determined according to the exhaust gas temperature.
  3. Oil coking in the machine head is a phenomenon that often occurs in screw air compressors when the oil quality is poor or the temperature is high. Due to the coking of the machine head, the frictional resistance increases, the load of the unit increases, and the current increases. In severe cases, the screw and the rotor are bonded together by oil coke, and the unit cannot rotate freely
  4. The function of the oil cut-off valve is to cut off the oil injection pipe in time when the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor stops, so as to prevent the residual pressure in the oil and gas barrel from pressing a large amount of lubricating oil into the machine head, resulting in too much lubricating oil in the machine head.
  5. The most direct way to solve the problem of excessive lubricating oil in the machine head is to open the machine head, release part of the lubricating oil in the machine head, and repair or replace the oil cut-off valve at the same time.
  6. Prolong the start-up time of the motor on the air switch under the condition of ensuring safety, so as to meet the extension of the start-up time of the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor when the oil viscosity increases, so as to ensure the normal start-up of the air compressor. If the extension is too large, it will affect other electrical equipment.

reason for the frequent jumping

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