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Four red lines of screw air compressor

Oil-Free Water Injected Screw Compressor

1. When operating the screw air compressor, there are professionals who need qualified personnel to operate in the three processes of operation, repair and maintenance. If the personnel who do not understand the machine operate, they may not notice some small things. The details, then it can cause a big loss.

2. Use professional oil when adding lubricating oil to the screw hole. If the operator needs to add lubricating oil to reduce the conflict between the parts of the screw air compressor when maintaining the machine, then you can’t use oil casually. Instead, use the specified lubricant.

3. The screw air compressor cannot be operated under overpressure and stability. There are pressure constraints and temperature constraints during normal operation. If the pressure and temperature constraints are exceeded, the operation of the machine must be stopped, or it will cause damage to the machine.

4. The machine cannot be modified and added devices at will. When using the machine, the screw air compressor cannot be modified at will because of its own temporary needs.

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