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Several elements of air compressor selection

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant


  1. Compressed air use.


  1. The minimum operating pressure.


  1. The required air volume at the tip and off-peak. If the difference between the highest and lowest operating pressure reaches 3bar, you must consider the “high and low pressure split”, and then choose different types of air compressors according to the load changes of peak and peak, such as “base load” using centrifugal type (single machine > 75CMM) or screw type (single machine <60CMM): “Variable load” uses high-pressure air machines and large air storage tanks to cope.

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant

  1. Choose and configure different types and grades of dryers and precision filters according to different air quality. Excessive quality wastes energy, and insufficient quality affects the process, so it must be carefully considered.


  1. The control technology of air compressors is changing with each passing day. Technologies such as “multi-machine chaining”, “frequency conversion and variable speed” and “remote monitoring” can effectively suppress the waste of centrifugal BOV and spiral empty vehicles (saving electricity costs by 25-40%) , Reduce standby capacity and investment (15-30%), stabilize gas supply pressure (plus or minus 0.1bar).

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant

  1. The operating efficiency should not only be compared with the nominal horsepower and air volume in the catalog, but the actual “performance curve” and “air volume per horse”.


  1. The installation considers the size of the computer room space, ventilation conditions, noise isolation, waste heat, waste water recycling, etc. all affect the use of energy. In addition, “centralized” has lower installation, maintenance and control costs than “distributed”, and can also reduce peripheral equipment.

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant

  1. As for the cooling method, there are two kinds of air cooling and water cooling. Air cooling does not require additional investment in cooling tower rainwater, but it must have good ventilation: water cooling means that the operating temperature is not affected by the environment, which is beneficial to the life of the air compressor. Disadvantages of icing bursting and blocking.


  1. Power supply planning The voltage demand and the stability of the voltage drop must be required. The centrifuge is usually high-voltage and cannot be moved at all. It will cause impact on the power grid when it is started, and it should be kept in regular operation.


  1. The maintenance machine room should have proper maintenance space and necessary lifting facilities and access channels. Engineering personnel and maintenance should also be given different maintenance professional training.

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