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Effect of humid air on screw air compressor

centrifugal air compressor

1. The transfer process of moist air in the compression system

After the untreated humid air passes through the air compressor, under high pressure, it is easy to reach the dew point temperature and condense, resulting in condensed water. In addition, the cooling effect of the cold dryer designed by the process is limited, and the high pressure air cannot be completely removed. The water vapor in the air makes the conveyed air further condense under the influence of factors such as temperature difference inside and outside the pipeline and flow resistance. Most of the condensed water reaches the gas consumption point with the compressed air, and finally sprays out from the nozzle.

centrifugal air compressor

2. The influence of humid air on the air compressor

From the above analysis, it can be seen that after atmospheric humid air enters the air compressor, the condensed water produced by saturation on the back of the equipment is usually not easy to discharge, which will cause erosion and wear to the slide valve and even the screw of the screw air compressor, thereby increasing Reduce the friction between the two, reduce the compression ratio, and affect its operating efficiency.

centrifugal air compressor

3. The influence of humid air on the air compressor pipeline

Air compressor pipes are generally not insulated and run under high pressure all the year round, and noises from water hammer and vibration can often be heard in some places with relatively low positions. What causes it? It turns out that apart from the air pressure system when delivering air In addition to the high speed, the condensed water produced by the humid air cannot be effectively removed during operation, which also leads to a huge noise. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary to set up regular drainage and exhaust devices during the transportation process or at the end of the pipeline to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.

centrifugal air compressor

4. The influence of humid air on textile equipment

Textile workshops often have relatively high humidity. If not maintained frequently, the brand new equipment just bought may rust within a few years. This is not only related to the external environment of perennial operation, but also to the moisture condensed in the compressed air. Corrosion caused by ejection.

centrifugal air compressor

5. In areas with serious air pollution, the impact of untreated air on textile production

In some places with serious air pollution, the air is directly sucked into the air compressor without being treated by the filter. The dust contained in it will not only cause wear and tear to the air compressor and the air compressor system, but if it is mixed with condensed water, it will accumulate in the Bacteria can grow in the compressed air system or inside the pipeline, endangering the health of workers, and even enter the workshop with compressed air, causing product contamination and affecting product quality.

centrifugal air compressor

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