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How to deal with vacuum pump fouling?



How to deal with vacuum pump fouling?


  1. The hardness of the circulating cooling water The operation process of the circulating water in the vacuum pump is very similar to the operation process of the boiler water in the low-pressure hot water boiler. Therefore, managing the water quality of the vacuum pump according to the water quality standard of the hot water boiler can prevent the scaling and corrosion of the vacuum pump. The circulating water system of the vacuum pump is mostly an open circulation system with a high water return rate. When the ion exchange equipment is not used for water treatment due to financial and other reasons, the softening pool and high level pool are generally used to supply water to the vacuum pump.


  1. Temperature control of circulating cooling water It can be seen from the above analysis that the difference between the temperature of the water ring in the vacuum pump and the water temperature in the softening tank is an important factor leading to scaling. Therefore, it is an important guarantee to increase the supply of circulating water, improve the cooling effect and reduce the scaling speed. Therefore, during the operation of circulating cooling water, it is necessary to monitor the return water temperature and return water volume of each pump to ensure that each pump supplies water normally and the return water temperature does not exceed 40°C. The water supply can be controlled by a valve. If the return water temperature exceeds the specified value, the temperature of the softened water in the softening pool should be reduced by adding low-temperature cold water or cooling by other methods.


  1. Regularly clean the pump body. The drain gate valve of the pump body of the water ring vacuum pump is not only used to discharge the accumulated water in the pump normally, but also can use the water pressure of the pump body to flush the dirt and water residue in the pump regularly during operation. On the one hand, it can prevent the accumulation of dirt. It can prevent water slag from turning into scale. The fouling problem of vacuum pump has its complicated formation mechanism. Correct analysis of water quality indicators and operating parameters is the key to find out the correct measures. In addition to water temperature control and regular flushing of the pump body, water treatment is an important part of preventing fouling of the pump body.


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