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What does a precision filter do?



One of the common post-processing equipment for air compressors, what is the specific role of precision filters? Why does compressed air need post-processing equipment? do you know?


  1. Why you need a filter


Compressed air is the main safe energy source for large-scale industrial production. The untreated atmosphere contains moisture, dust and other pollutants, and each cubic meter of air contains approximately 140 million solid particles. The filtered air is accompanied by oil particles during its compression and boosting process, so that the compressed air not only contains dust, water, but also oil particles and other pollutants. If these pollutants are not removed, they will inevitably contaminate and corrode pipelines, valves, instruments and other equipment. Therefore, not only its service life is reduced, but also the production cost is increased, and product quality is not guaranteed.


  1. The role of filtersVerticalCentrifugalFanTwostageScrewAirCompressor


Compressed air is required to be clean and sterile to prevent particles and odor-producing microorganisms from entering the process system. Reliable drying and purification equipment must be installed. In order to strictly remove possible odors and toxicity, activated carbon adsorption and purification filters must be added to meet process requirements. , and the material selected for the filter element itself should have the characteristics of inhibiting bacterial reproduction to prevent the filter element from becoming a source of pollution to the system during use.


  1. The role of precision filter


Precision filters ensure high-quality removal of impurities such as moisture, solid particles, oil and bacteria in compressed air, ensuring the provision of optimal quality compressed air. Filters play a key role in compressed air drying and purification systems. Using different filters can remove oil (including liquid, gas), solid impurities, microorganisms, harmful gases and other pollutants in compressed air.


Installing a compressed air precision filter on the air compressor system can greatly reduce the cost of modification, and can effectively remove most moisture, dust, oil and gas and other pollutants in the air. Its filtration accuracy: first-class particles ≤0.1μm, The oil separation efficiency is ≤0.1ppm, and the water removal rate reaches 99.9%. The secondary particles are ≤0.01μm, the oil separation efficiency is ≤0.01ppm, and the water removal rate reaches 99.99%. The pressure dew point is -30℃, the water content is 0.45g/m3, and the pressure drop is ≤0.02Mpa. This ensures high-quality removal of moisture, solid particles, oil and other impurities in compressed air, providing a strong guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

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