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What is the order of repairing and disassembling air compressors?

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When disassembling air compressors, do not be too impatient, and do not disassemble or knock violently at will, as this may cause damage or deformation of parts. Disassembling air compressors is a job that requires professional knowledge and experience, and should be carried out by experienced professionals in a sequential and cautious manner.


When disassembling air compressors, pay attention to the following points:

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  1. Disassemble in order: In contrast to the order of assembly, the air compressor should be disassembled by first removing the external accessories, then the internal parts and components, from top to bottom, and then removing the individual parts.


  1. Sufficient tools: Use appropriate tools when disassembling air compressors to ensure the accuracy and stability of the operation.

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  1. Pay attention to the storage of parts: The disassembled parts and components should be placed in a suitable place to avoid confusion and damage. Important large parts should be placed on skids, and precision parts should be kept specially.


  1. Marking and sorting: For complete sets or non-interchangeable parts, they should be marked before disassembly to facilitate subsequent assembly.

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  1. Professional guidance: When a serious fault requires maintenance, it is not recommended that users operate by themselves or personnel who do not understand air compressors operate blindly. You should first consult a professional air compressor manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel for guidance.

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