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Screw Air Compressor Safety Tips Environmental Requirements

sollant centrifugal fan vertical two-stage compression air compressor(

Ensure the operating environment of the Screw Air Compressors is below 38°C. Improve the ventilation system in the compressor room to reduce temperature. Avoid placing high-temperature heat sources near the compressor room.

Sollant two stage air compressorScrew Air Compressors

Screw Air Compressor:Power Supply and Motor Inspection

Confirm that the power supply matches the motor nameplate. Check the voltage and ensure the three-phase balance. Manually turn the belt to check if the tension is appropriate.

Screw Air Compressor:Preparation Before Starting Up

Ensure the loading switch is in the unloaded position and all protective covers are in place. Close the switch, connect the power, and verify that the phase protector is working properly.

Screw Air Compressor:Start-Up and Shutdown Procedures

Before starting up, let the unit warm up for a period of time. When shutting down, set the loading switch to the no-load position. Allow the unit to run at no-load for a period before stabilizing the shutdown.

Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

Regularly maintain the screw air compressor by replacing lubricating oil, cleaning filter elements, and cleaning coolers. This ensures normal operation and extends the equipment’s service life.

Sollant two stage air compressorScrew Air Compressors

Temperature Control

Maintain the cooling system to prevent equipment failure due to overheating. The screw air compressor generates heat during operation, so proper cooling is essential.

Pressure Control

Set an appropriate pressure range based on actual needs. Excessive pressure increases the load and energy consumption, while too low pressure affects effectiveness. Regularly inspect and adjust the pressure control device.

Safe Operation Practices

When operating the screw air compressor, keep fingers, arms, and other objects away from the inlet or outlet to prevent accidents. Regularly check if the safety valve and other safety devices are functioning properly.

Sollant two stage air compressorScrew Air Compressors

Alarm Signal Check

If an alarm signal or abnormal situation (such as noise or oil leakage) appears on the control panel during operation, immediately shut down the machine. Relieve pressure, cut off the power supply, and inspect the corresponding parts. Do not restart the machine before troubleshooting.

Meta Description: Learn essential safety precautions for using screw air compressors. Follow best practices for environmental requirements, power supply checks, startup procedures, temperature and pressure control, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and safety.


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