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Why do your customers always complain about the high oil consumption of small air compressor?

Small air compressor oil change

7.5kw-22kw small screw air compressor is more and more popular in the international market. But in the past two or three years, it is often heard from international air compressor agents that their end customers often complain to them that many small 10HP air compressors will have a lot less oil after using for a period of time, resulting in high temperature of the machine. Oil needs to be added in the middle of the maintenance cycle. Added less than 1-2 times, serious oil leakage will occur.

At the Canton Fair, an international air compressor agent have said that 40% of the 10HP small air compressors which he imported had these problems.

Our engineers and technicians helped him to analyze the direct reasons when we first meet. (He’s been our client since the conversation.)

1. The source of high fuel consumption

Price competition + improvement of manufacturing level + cost →→the machine becomes smaller ↘Box space+ cost control →→oil/air separate tank smaller →→reduce height and diameter →→cannot add oil baffle plate The oil mist increase a lot when the air compressor is running, which affects the use of oil consumption directly.

2. Poor quality and insufficient layers of oil separation filter paper

↘The oil mist increase more in the upper part+poor and small layer filter paper →→Reduce its anti damage ability →→need to add oil halfway and oil spill ↘The design of this type small air compressor is unreasonable Proposed solutions ↗For your supplier/factory: Requiring to install oil baffle plate inside the oil/air separate tank, release oil splashing and reduce oil mist from the source. ↗For user/agent: Change the better oil, adjust the operating temperature of the air compressor, and reduce the damage speed of the filter paper.

Hereby we,

Sollant Machinery Manufacturing, we have 12yr of export experience and professional technical team, we are improving our technical level constantly every year. We strive to eliminate the all common problems in the international market of air compressor from the source Help to say “NO” to the machine problem. It’s also the competitive advantage of us.

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