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How to Clean the Air Compressor Filter Element

Centrifugal fan vertical two stage compression air compressor

Screw air compressors play a crucial role in various industrial applications, relying on efficient maintenance practices to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This article focuses on the essential steps involved in cleaning the air compressor filter element.

1. Releasing Water During Pressure Testing

During pressure testing, it is crucial for the air compressor to release water while connected to the atmosphere to prevent vacuum pumping.

2. Completion of Project Inspection

Upon completing a project, inspection personnel and guardians conduct a joint inspection of the tank’s interior and exterior. Once confirmed, the guardian signs the work certificate inside each manhole before sealing it.

3. Responsibilities of the Guardian

Assigning a guardian for tank operations is essential, ensuring reliable communication measures are in place for safety and efficiency.

Water Cooled Screw Air Compressor Sollant Air Compressor

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4. Ensuring Safety during Hot Work

Obtaining a hot work permit is mandatory before conducting any operations that involve heat inside the tank.

5. Lighting Requirements

For interior tank lighting, use explosion-proof lamps with a voltage not exceeding 24V to mitigate safety risks.

6. Maintaining Safety Standards

Erecting secure scaffolding and lifting devices is crucial. It is strictly prohibited to throw materials or tools inside or outside the tank during operations to maintain a safe working environment.

7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Properly wearing PPE is mandatory when entering the tank to clean toxic and corrosive residues, ensuring personal safety.

8. Oxygen Content Analysis

Thirty minutes before entering the tank, it is essential to sample and analyze the oxygen content (18-23% by volume) to ensure safe working conditions.

9. In-Tank Work Permit

Securing an in-tank work permit is necessary. If work is interrupted for an extended period due to specific reasons, obtaining a new work certificate is mandatory.

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10. Maintenance of Storage Tanks

Storage tanks containing flammable, corrosive, toxic, or suffocating substances require regular replacement, neutralization, cleaning, and maintenance analysis as per specified standards. It is strictly prohibited to substitute flammable media with air.

11. Post-Discharge Safety Measures

After discharging tank media, ensure to close inlet and outlet valves or use blind plates to isolate connected pipes and equipment. Clear isolation signage must be in place to prevent accidents.

12. Electrical Safety Protocols

Before commencing tank maintenance, ensure all related electrical equipment is powered off, and complete proper equipment handover procedures.

13. Compliance with Hazardous Material Regulations

Strict adherence to hazardous material management regulations is necessary for tanks storing flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, and other hazardous substances.

14. Fire Safety Precautions

Equip tanks containing flammable gases and liquids with necessary firefighting equipment. Smoking, open flames, heating devices, and ignition sources are strictly prohibited in tank areas to prevent potential fire hazards.

Screw air compressor: Working Principle and Workflow

Sollant air compressor maintenance shares how to clean the air compressor filter element

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